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If you are injured at work, you may be entitled to various types of benefits pursuant to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.  These may include the right to have your medical bills paid as well as lost wages. However, it is important for you to fully understand your rights and responsibilities with regard to these benefits under the Act, such as when and how to notify your employer of your injuries and your employer’s time limitations for notifying you of acceptance or denial of your claim.

At the law firm of Pearson Koutcher Law our Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers will guide you through the claim process that quite often can be confusing and overwhelming. We will provide you with the knowledgeable representation you will need to make your way through the labyrinth of forms, notices and filing requirements inherent to Workers’ Compensation claims.  We will fight for your right to the medical treatment benefits you require to make the best recovery possible from your workplace injuries. Our singular goal is to protect your rights to any and all benefits due to you under the law, fending off the employers and insurances carriers who seek to limit those benefits.


Benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation laws, workers who are injured in the workplace may be eligible for the following benefits:


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