Brain Injury and Head Trauma

Sometimes the most severe and debilitating injuries are the ones you cannot see. Closed head trauma is one such injury. Closed head injuries often are accompanied by headaches, dizziness, memory loss, confusion and difficulty speaking. Workplace head injuries can happen in many different ways. They can result from a fall, such as a fall through a roof or ceiling, from a scaffold or down stairs. You may have sustained your injury after being struck by a falling object or when equipment has failed, i.e. scaffolding or shelving collapse. Brain damage is not always apparent at first. Therefore, it is critical to report any accident involving a head injury to the employer immediately. It is also imperative to have the right doctors – neurologists and other specialists – examine you to diagnose the extent of your head injury. As a result of your work-related traumatic brain injury, you may also experience psychological problems, such as outbursts, mood swings, personality change, anxiety and depression, entitling you to a Workers’ Compensation “mental impairment” claim. If you have suffered from a head or brain injury at work, the Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers of PearsonKoutcher, LLP, will work diligently to ensure that you get the proper medical care and the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits you need and deserve.

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