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$275,000 Lump Sum Settlement with open Medical for Injured Archeologist!
An New Jersey resident working as an archeologist in Pennsylvania injured his neck while performing field tests. The injured worker started receiving worker’s compensation benefits and underwent surgery for a herniated disc in his neck. Following surgery, the injured worker was left with a scar on his neck. The injured worker was represented by Jonathan Koutcher of Pearson Koutcher Law who filed a claim for disfigurement benefits for the injured worker. Mr. Koutcher also filed a Petition to Review Compensation Benefits, as the injured worker began to experience pain and symptoms in other body parts, including the shoulder and arm. Mr. Koutcher presented evidence in support of the petitions including testimony from the injured worker’s treating orthopedic spine surgeon. Mr. Koutcher was able to negotiate a settlement for the injured worker, whereby he still has the ability to receive medical treatment into the future for his work related neck injury and also receive a lump sum settlement of $275,000.

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