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Jonathan Koutcher

$418,069 Fatal Claim Settlement for Delaware County Widow.
Philadelphia worker’s compensation lawyer Jonathan Koutcher, a partner at PearsonKoutcher, LLP, settled the fatal claim filed by the widow of a nurse who died of acute Oxycodone intoxication following a work accident. The widow and the injured worker/decedent had a four (4) year old daughter. After sustaining a severe shoulder injury requiring surgery and two irrigation and debridement procedures, the injured worker remained in extreme pain, from the injury, infections and surgical procedures. The injured worker was prescribed a number of different pain medications, including Oxycodone. After ingesting Oxycodone, the injured worker died. The Delaware County coroner performed an autopsy and the cause of death was acute Oxycodone intoxication. The worker’s compensation insurance carrier raised several defenses to the fatal claim petition, including defenses under Section 301(a) of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Mr. Koutcher secured a substantial settlement for the widow, despite a contested claim, whereby the widow receives guaranteed benefits for 19 years.