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Recent Settlements

At Pearson Koutcher  Law, our goal is to provide the high-quality legal representation and exceptional service we would want for our family or friends who had to fight for benefits they deserved after a work injury. In our combined decades of workman’s comp experience, we have proudly recovered millions of dollars in settlements for our clients.  For your review, we have provided a summary of some of the results the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley work accident lawyers of Pearson Koutcher Law have obtained on behalf of our clients.  Remember, settlements come in all shapes and sizes.  Many factors go into the value of a case.  These workman’s comp settlements are reflective of our past experience and success and are illustrative of the injuries and various occupations of our clients. Please remember that past performance does not always mean results will be duplicated in the future.

We believe that when we win a workplace compensation case, it’s not just a win; it’s changing your life for the better.

Recent Settlements by Pearson Koutcher Law: 2017

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