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Pearson Koutcher Law Hits Chester, PA Airwaves.

  • Owner
  • 07/06/2020

Eric Pearson and Jon Koutcher, partners at Pearson Koutcher Law, are proud sponsors of CMP Radio. CMP Radio is a community-based internet radio station out of Chester, PA. CMP’s fundamental mission is to adequately inform, educate, motivate, stimulate, and inspire the masses with thought-provoking conversations.

Eric and Jon are thrilled to support CMP’s mission and want Pearson Koutcher Law to be part of the conversation. Along with the sponsorships come shows and events. Here is the first show that aired on June, 22nd, 2020: Pearson Koutcher Law Goes Live with CMP Radio!
Watch our Facebook page for more upcoming shows and information about live events.

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