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Work Injury Benefits For Hearing Loss

  • Megan McCarrin
  • 10/21/2019

Hearing Loss Compensation – Work Injury Benefits For Hearing Loss

Do you suffer from ringing in your ears? Do voices sound muffled? Do you have trouble hearing in restaurants and other crowded areas? Is your hearing just not what it used to be before you got your job? If any of these ring a bell, pun intended, you may be excited to learn that the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides financial and medical benefits for individuals who have suffered hearing loss as a result of their occupation or a specific workplace injury. This potential hearing loss compensation covers industrial noise coming from generators, turbines, construction machinery, etc. If it makes noise, and you are exposed to it on a regular basis at work, you may be entitled to anywhere from 26 to 260 weeks’ worth of your average wages without having to stop working. These same workman’s comp benefits are available for hearing loss caused by traumatic events including car accidents, head trauma, brain injury, and explosions.

You may be thinking, “well my ears ring sometimes, but I can still hear.” You would be surprised to learn that the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides benefits as long as your binaural hearing loss, or hearing loss in both ears, is over 10%. So even if you don’t need or want a hearing aide, you may still be entitled to hearing loss workmen compensation.

In successful work comp claims, your Employer is responsible for paying for whatever hearing device you need (think hearing aids, assistive listening systems, cochlear implants, etc.) at no cost to you. This means getting the treatment you need without pesky co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs.

If you recently retired, you still may be entitled to benefits if you were exposed to occupational noise in the last three years. If you think any of the above might apply to you, please give me a call at 215-627-0700 or contact me by email at (insert new hearing loss specific email). My office can provide you with a free consultation to determine whether you may be entitled to hearing loss benefits and set you up with a doctor to test your hearing. But remember, the clock is ticking so call now!

Written by Will Ward, Esquire

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