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How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

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  • 12/27/2022

Starting a Workers’ Compensation PA Claim

Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance for employees so that if they get injured at work, they will continue to get paid and have their medical costs covered. When you get injured at work and you tell your supervisor, your employer starts the process by filing a claim with their insurance. Almost all employers are required to carry workers’ compensation PA insurance by Pennsylvania state law. After you miss your first shift or day of work, the employer should file a First Report of Incident with the state to let them know that you have been injured. If the employer refuses to do either of these steps, you should contact a Pennsylvania workers compensation lawyer ASAP so that they can help you file a claim petition and get your benefits sooner.

After the Worker’s Comp Claim is Initially Filed

After Pennsylvania workers compensation lawyers send the claim to the insurance company, they have 21 days to respond to your claim and accept or deny it. If your claim is accepted, you should start receiving benefits. Even after your claim is accepted, the insurance company may terminate your benefits, even if you are not yet recovered. If your claim is denied or the insurance company tries to terminate your benefits early, the PA workers comp lawyers at Pearson Koutcher Law can help you fight for your rightful benefits.

What if My Workers’ Compensation PA Claim Was Denied?

If your claim was denied, your Pennsylvania workers compensation lawyer will file a claim petition on your behalf opening a court case. If the insurance company is trying to terminate your benefits, then they will have filed a termination petition which opens a court case. In either scenario, the case will be assigned to a judge. Your attorney will set up a deposition with you and start collecting evidence on your behalf. In most cases, during the process of preparing for trial, you will be asked to attend a mediation hearing to see if you can reach a settlement deal with your employer and their insurance. Your workers’ compensation PA lawyer will represent you in this settlement. Once a settlement is reached, your case will have reached completion. If your case does not settle, then it will be decided by the judge. At that point, your case is closed unless either side requests an appeal.
No matter how far your case goes or where it comes in, the Pennsylvania workers compensation lawyers at Pearson Koutcher Law have the experience to make sure you get the benefits you deserve. Contact Pearson Koutcher Law today for a free consultation.