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HSE’s New Online System for Reporting Injuries in the Workplace

  • Jon Koutcher
  • 06/25/2013

An online system for reporting work-related injuries and illnesses covered under RIDDOR (the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995) will be the predominant reporting method beginning Sept. 12, 2011.  Employers reporting work-related injuries must use one of seven forms available on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.  HSE’s Infoline telephone service will cease operation on Sept. 30, 2011.  However, fatal and major incidents and injuries in the workplace can still be filed by phone.


The Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Pearson Koutcher Law want to remind workers that it is crucial to report your work-related injury to your Pennsylvania employer immediately after you realize that you have been injured. Keep in mind:

  • Even if a supervisor or manager is not on site, you must follow the company’s procedures for reporting the injury. Sometimes this may mean making a phone call and leaving a message.
  • Be specific about even the most minor of injuries and how they occurred because small ailments may escalate into big disabilities down the road. Get a copy of any injury report that is completed, and make sure it contains enough detail about the accident and your injuries.
  •  Don’t hesitate to add more details to the employer’s form, or create your own “incident report.” You may not be able to recall details later on that could be important to a claim for benefits. Using a journal or log to track your experiences after an injury could prove invaluable to maximize your remedy.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible. If your employer does not instruct you on which doctor to see, go to the nearest hospital and request treatment.


In Pennsylvania, you have 120 days to report a work-related injury for purposes of Workers’ Compensation benefits. The Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Pearson Koutcher Law are ready to assist you in pursuing your injury claim against any employer in the Philadelphia or neighboring areas in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Contact us today to discuss your rights and responsibilities under the Workers’ Compensation laws.