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My employer would never mislead me about my rights to Workers’ Compensation in PA!

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  • 09/17/2018

We are not saying every employer misleads injured employees about their right to worker’s compensation benefits but too often do we encounter cases where an employee has been taken advantage of by either their employer of their employer’s insurance carrier. Even if you have an excellent relationship with your manager or co-workers, this does not necessarily mean your employer will simply provide you with the benefits you are rightfully entitled to.

Your employer is required to complete and keep record of any injury that you report. If your injury keeps you out of work for more than one day they are required to send that report to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. They are also required to provide you with treatment from a doctor on its panel list. If your employer is brushing off your pain complaints when you report them, this is likely an indicator that your employer is violating the rules and may be attempting to avoid providing you with benefits. In extreme cases, employers have offered their employees money under the table to resolve their case. This is a sure sign your employer is attempting to mislead you.

If you sustain an injury, request a copy of the injury report and follow-up if you are not provided with a copy. In many instances, the people deciding whether to approve or deny your workers’ compensation case are people you have never met who work for the employer’s insurance carrier. The insurer will have no personal knowledge of you and will not give you the benefit of the doubt. If you feel you are being taken advantage of, please call Pearson Koutcher Law right away. The longer you wait the easier it will be for your Employer to deny your claim.

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