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I can’t get Workers’ Comp benefits in PA because I did not suffer an obvious, one-time, injury.

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  • 08/24/2018

In the world of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation, there are a number of common misconceptions spanning a number of topics from case valuation to medical treatment to whether you are entitled to benefits. The following Blog will state a common misconception in Workers’ Compensation cases and illustrate why it is incorrect.

“I can’t get benefits because I did not suffer an obvious, one-time, injury.”

Most people believe you need to suffer a one-time, obvious, injury such as a car accident or slip and fall in order to be entitled to benefits. This is not the case. In Pennsylvania, an injury does not need to be pin-pointed to a specific time, date, or incident. As long as the injury occurs as a result of your work for the employer, you are entitled to benefits. Examples of this are conditions like trigger fingers and carpal tunnel syndrome. These conditions usually develop over time and do not usually occur as a result of one traumatic event. If you begin to notice pain while working that gets gradually worse until it requires medical treatment and/or forces you out of work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

You may also be entitled to benefits if you are exposed to large amounts of noise or a work environment that causes you to develop problems with hearing or vision over time. Some claimants incorrectly believe that if they are not exposed to a one-time traumatic event, their hearing or vision loss is not compensable. The truth is there are a large number of work conditions that can cause these conditions to develop over time, such as working near large generators or construction equipment. The long-term exposure to certain chemicals can result in impairment of your vision and is also compensable. Even if these conditions do not force you out of work, you are still entitled to compensation for your loss. In situations involving hearing and vision impairment it is important to act quickly. Pennsylvania has a statute of limitations requiring Claims of impairment be filed shortly after your last exposure.

If you believe you have sustained a repetitive stress-type injury or have suffered hearing or vision loss as a result of your employment, please call Pearson Koutcher Law right away. One of our experienced and highly skilled workers’ compensation lawyers will answer all your questions and represent you in your claim.

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