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Saint John’s Hospice – 2nd Annual Holiday Lunch

  • Pearson Koutcher Law
  • 12/06/2016

Eric B. Pearson, managing partner at Pearson Koutcher Law, collaborated with The Workers’ Compensation Section to serve a holiday lunch for 350 people at Saint John’s Hospice for the second year in a row!!!

Mr. Pearson helped serve a spectacular Holiday Lunch of Sausage and Peppers, Ham, Sweet Potato Mash and sautéed String Beans with cold drinks of Lemonade, Iced Tea and Fruit Punch followed by either Pumpkin, Lemon or Apple Pie compliments of “The Bocce Club”, Tastykake and Metropolitan Bakery.

In addition, the Section made a $1,500.00 donation!!!

Saint John’s Hospice, founded in 1963, is a charitable organization that serves homeless and others in need. Located at 12th and Race in Philadelphia the members of Saint John’s work to provide dignity and respect to every guest and are proud to serve all without discrimination.

Pearson Koutcher Law proudly supports Saint John’s Hospice as it continues to help all adult men regardless of faith, race, economic condition, health, or sexual orientation. (CSS serves women and children through the Mercy Hospice and Women of Hope programs.)

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