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Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Pearson Koutcher Law
  • 03/05/2018

Get tidy with these tips!

Now that Spring is right around the corner, many will develop an all too familiar case of spring fever after being confined to the indoors all winter long. With the fast pace of the holidays, recommitting to busy daily routines, and Cold and Flu Season still lingering, it is easy for extra clutter and germs to build up in neglected areas. There’s no better way to remedy this issue than with spring cleaning!
By getting rid of all the disorder and germs, Spring cleaning increases productivity in homes, schools and workplaces alike.

Get organized! – Survey the spaces that you think need attention. Then make an estimate of the time necessary to clean each area. Be sure to include areas that tend to get neglected in daily life. Take an inventory of all your cleaning supplies. Purchase any extra supplies that are needed. (If you want to take the more frugal and green route, you could repurpose household items into cleaning supplies.)

Set a Date! – Failing to plan is a plan to fail. Take a look at your schedule and set up the time you will need to clean. Depending on how you like to work, you could take 1-2 days to get everything done in one shot or you could break it up into increments over a week’s span. When planning, the key is to plan for sooner rather than later.

Seek to Improve! – As you clean and declutter, think of ideas to improve spaces to keep them from getting messy again. Using things like racks, organizers, baskets, hooks and dividers will not only keep things tidy but it will also help in finding things easily.

Minimize and Simplify! – The best way to declutter is to minimize the number of things in an area. For example, putting away winter clothing will free up space for spring and summer clothes. If you have not worn or used something in a few months, consider donating it to a local thrift store or hold a yard sale to gain a little extra cash.

Declutter Digitally! – Besides cleaning up physical spaces around the house or workplaces, consider getting cleaned up digitally. Organize files on your computer for better access. Upload photos to cloud storage and delete unused applications to free up storage space on your electronics.

The main goal of Spring cleaning is to reduce stress and increase productivity. Do your best to look at Spring cleaning as a positive opportunity rather than a list of chores. It is also important to take your time while cleaning. It will allow you to do a better, more thorough job. It is also crucial for safety, especially at the workplace. Rushing could cause you to make a mistake such as mixing the wrong cleaning chemicals together or even cause you to slip and fall. Overall, the greatest thing to focus on is the result of all of your hard work – a tidy, clean space ready for Spring!

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