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Super Bowl Party Tips!

  • Pearson Koutcher Law
  • 02/02/2018

It’s Super Bowl Time! Every winter, people across the nation gather to watch the best teams of the season go head-to-head for the beloved Super Bowl trophy and ring. Not only do people gather for the game, but they also gather for the vast amount of Super Bowl drinks, food and fun! Pizza, wings and plenty of chips are staples for game day snacking.

This year’s Super Bowl will bigger than ever for our region as our very own Philadelphia Eagles have made it to the Super Bowl as NFC Champions! To further the hype, the Eagles will be going up against the New England Patriots – a rivalry dating back to Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004. Though, the big game isn’t until Sunday but many can sense the excitement in the air. The Eagles have truly caused its fans to “paint the town green.”
In order to keep this weekend’s focus on all of the comradery and fun, we’ve put together a list of tips to stay safe during the Super Bowl.

1. Keep the food friendly. Regardless of whether you are order food, making it from scratch or going out to eat, be sure to check with guests for any type of food allergy. Offering a wide variety of snacks allows those with allergies to have more options to choose from. Remember to keep foods stored properly.

2. Make space. If hosting a party at home, choose or set up an area to with plenty of seating to watch the game. Decluttering and removing delicate decorations from this area will greatly reduce the risk of any accidents. Use coasters to keep furniture safe from stains and keep track of which drinks belong to who.

3. Drive safe. Because there is an increase in impaired and distracted driving during nights like the Super Bowl, it always important to make sure that you are driving carefully and defensively. If you see a driver on the road who is most likely impaired, call the local authorities to make a report. You should never drive if you have been drinking.
Regardless of the outcome, it’s always best to play it smart and enjoy the time together with friends and family proudly cheering on the team! These tips are good not only for a Super Bowl Sunday but for any type of party you attend, including gatherings for work.

Go Birds!

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