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Forms In Your Workers’ Comp Case – Don’t Ignore Them

If you have a workers’ compensation claim and have received forms from the insurance company, don’t ignore them. If you do, your benefits could be suspended. Let our PA workers’ compensation lawyer further explain. Twice a year, the insurance company for your employer can send you three workers’ compensation forms for you to complete, sign, […]

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What Does Workers’ Compensation Mean?

Like criminal law, personal injury law, and employment law, workers’ compensation is a separate area of the law in Pennsylvania in which lawyers are specialists. So what exactly is “Pennsylvania workers’ compensation” and why would a person need a workers’ comp lawyer? Let’s break down the term “workers’ compensation” and provide a quick summary of […]

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How IRE’s Can Impact Your PA Workers’ Comp Rates

How Can IRE’s Impact Your PA Workmans Comp Rates In December 2021, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania issued a decision in favor of an injured worker, James Smith, who was represented by Pearson Koutcher Law’s highly experienced Philadelphia workers comp lawyers. This case involved an IRE and the PA workmans comp rates and benefits associated […]

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