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What Does Workers’ Compensation Mean?

Like criminal law, personal injury law, and employment law, workers’ compensation is a separate area of the law in Pennsylvania in which lawyers are specialists. So what exactly is “Pennsylvania workers’ compensation” and why would a person need a workers’ comp lawyer? Let’s break down the term “workers’ compensation” and provide a quick summary of […]

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“A Career in PA Workers’ Compensation” for Young Lawyers and Law Students

For many law students, answering the question, “What type of law are you going to practice?” can be a daunting task. One thing they don’t teach you in law school is what a lawyer actually does. How could they? The law has countless areas of practice and most areas require lawyers to do entirely different […]

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Hit A Home Run With Pearson Koutcher Law

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Process The Philadelphia Phillies kick off their 2022 baseball season this Friday at Citizen Bank Park in South Philly. Our Phillies will be striving to recapture their glory from the Jimmy Rollins/Chase Utley/Ryan Howard era and make the postseason for the first time since 2011. Do I Need To Hire A […]

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What are the Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Pennsylvania?

What Is Workers’ Compensation Benefits? If you injure yourself at work in Pennsylvania, there are primarily two types of benefits that you may receive. First and foremost, you are entitled to wage loss benefits – in other words, money. You may receive wage loss benefits if your work injury has prevented you from doing your […]

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How To Calculate Workers’ Compensation Wages In Pennsylvania

If you’re injured at work in Pennsylvania and cannot do your job, you’ll be asking yourself the all-important question, “How much money will I receive?” The answer is not simple. What are Workers’ Comp Benefits Based On In Pennsylvania? The amount of your Pennsylvania workers’ comp. benefits is based on the wages you earned at […]

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