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Workers’ Compensation Investigations And What They Look For

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  • 07/24/2023

If you’re curious about workers’ compensation investigations, our workers compensation lawyers in PA at Pearson Koutcher Law can help you understand the process. Investigators are looking for a sign that an injured worker is not as injured as they are claiming. This may include failure to follow medical restrictions, working at a second job, and other signs of exaggerating an injury or malingering slowing recovery. Let’s learn more about worker’s compensation surveillance from our PA workers comp lawyers.

Why Do Insurance Companies Do Workers’ Compensation Surveillance?

Workers’ compensation insurance companies use surveillance as justification for denying or cutting benefits to honest workers who are still recovering or to attempt to establish a worker is dishonest. If you are being followed or contacted by a workers compensation investigator, you should contact our workers compensation lawyers in PA immediately even if you are still receiving benefits. If the insurance company is using resources to follow you, they are likely considering making a change to your benefits.

What Methods Can Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies Use To Surveil You?

Our workers’ compensation lawyers in PA often have clients who are curious about investigation methods. Investigators have a variety of methods to use for surveillance. They can videotape you in any place that is visible by the public, including your yard or driveway. They are also allowed to contact you and anyone around you to ask questions about your recovery or injury. They are not required to reveal that they are a workers’ comp investigator. In this way, they can follow you into a doctors office, a store, or trail your car. They can also follow you around doing physical surveillance. However, the easiest method for them is using and looking at social media.

How Do I Prevent Investigators From Surveilling Me?

There isn’t a lot that you can do to actually stop an investigation. Investigations can seem illegal, but actually they are permitted under Pennsylvania law as long as you are in a public location. It is also likely that you won’t know when you are being surveilled. These private investigators are trained to be discrete. Therefore, the best way to make sure their investigation returns information that you are still injured is to follow all medical instructions exactly and keep your activities within your stated limitations.

Our workers compensation lawyers in PA also advise you to be careful about what you share with others. It’s best not to talk about your injury openly to just anyone. If a workers’ compensation investigator tries to ask you questions about your injury, you don’t have to answer. Finally, be careful about what you post online. What you post can and will be used against you. It is best to make all social media accounts private which limits who can see what you post.

What Can’t a Workers Comp Investigator Do?

There are limits as to how far a workers compensation investigator can go. They are not allowed to break any laws, such as trespassing into your home. They are also not allowed to use entrapment such as tricking or forcing you into breaking your medical restrictions, or false identities. If you suspect you are being illegally surveilled, our [workers compensation lawyers in PA]( can help you combat this.

Pearson Koutcher Law | Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in PA

Surveillance is a powerful tool for the insurance companies. By hiring experienced capable legal advisors such as the workers’ compensation lawyers in PA at Pearson Koutcher Law, you will ensure you’re prepared to fight it. We can help you understand how to avoid poor surveillance footage and defend your claim before or after surveillance. If you’re ready to be represented by some of the most respected PA workers’ comp lawyers, visit our website today.