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$184,000 lump sum settlement for Philadelphia Union Insulator with Hand Injury.
This injured worker was a union insulator and fractured his right hand at work. Unfortunately, he developed a pain syndrome during the healing process called RSD, or chronic regional pain syndrome, resulting in the hand becoming deformed, extremely painful and sensitive to touch, and of little use. The pain syndrome spread to the foot effecting the injured worker’s ability to walk. As a result of the pain and inability to work, the injured worker became depressed. The injured worker was represented by Philadelphia worker’s compensation attorney Jonathan Koutcher of Pearson Koutcher, LLP, who filed a petition with the court to expand the injured worker’s accepted injuries to include RSD/chronic regional pain syndrome and depression. After presenting the injured worker for testimony and taking multiple medical depositions, and attending a mediation, the parties were able to settle the case. This was despite the insurance company physicians’ opinion that the injured worker did not have depression or a pain syndrome related to the work accident.


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