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Loss of Eyesight or Hearing Loss

Workers’ Compensation benefits are also appropriate for work-related accidents that led to the loss of an eye or eyesight. Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation laws, in addition to your regular wages or disability pay, vision loss claims provide for specific loss benefits based on your weekly wages. Specifically, for a “loss of vision” claim, you must lose an eye, experience blindness, or be “legally blind” (that is, lose your eyesight for all practical purposes). The cause of the work-related injury that led to your vision loss, whether it is a chemical burn, flying objects, etc., does not affect the benefits. The PearsonKoutcher Workers’ Compensation lawyers will assist you in recovering all the work injury benefits due you under Pennsylvania law.

Like vision loss, hearing loss as a result of a workplace related accident or occurrence is awarded specific loss benefits. However, unlike work-related blindness, benefits for hearing loss vary depending on how the workplace injury occurred. For example, you may have experienced total deafness resulting from a specific accident at work, such as a head injury or explosion, or your total or partial loss of hearing may have been caused by the cumulative effects of long-term exposure to loud noise. Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers know how to handle work-related hearing loss claims and understand the intricacies of the work comp laws and the workplace accident benefits payable for your specific work injury.


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