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Occupational Disease

Occupational diseases are illnesses stemming from exposure to toxic materials and other health hazards at work. Many Workers’ Compensation claims for occupational disease involve lung disease or heart disease caused by workplace exposure to such things as coal dust, methane or carbon monoxide, arsenic or lead, toxic chemicals or solvents, and smoke or heat. Some illnesses are specifically enumerated as work-related with the employer having the burden to rebut the hurt at work claim, i.e. “black lung disease” from coal mining. For other occupational diseases, your lawyer must prove that your illness was caused by your employment.

Have You Been Diagnosed With A Disease That You Believe Stems From A Workplace Accident?

Get help now! Pearson Koutcher Law has handled workplace compensation cases involving occupational diseases for over forty years. Our work injury lawyers understand the hardship you’re going through and are here to make your life a little bit easier in your time of need. We know that your work-related accident or occupational disease has caused enough pain and strife in your life and we’ll work to get you the hurt at work benefits you need to compensate for this ailment. The Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers of PearsonKoutcher, LLP, will prove that your illness was work-related and obtain the Workers’ Compensation benefits you deserve.


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