Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Eric Pearson and Jonathan Koutcher Settle Case of Injured Worker for $875,000!

Eric Pearson and Jonathan Koutcher, partners at the Workers’ Compensation only firm of Pearson Koutcher Law, settled the case of an injured worker for $875,000, which is believed to be the highest Workers’ Wompensation settlement in Pennsylvania in 2015. The injured worker suffered burns to approximately 30% of his body and was receiving wage loss benefits. In addition to disfiguring injuries to the head and neck, the injured worker was also disabled by the scarring and the loss of use of a number of his extremities. Mr. Pearson and Mr. Koutcher filed several petitions to expand the scope of the injured workers’ injuries to maximize his benefit status and also to obtain specific loss benefits (disfigurement and loss of use) in addition to benefits for wage loss. Mr. Pearson and Mr. Koutcher, recognizing the significant medical attention the injured worker would require for his lifetime, had a life care plan prepared, which detailed recommended remodeling of the injured workers’ home, special transportation equipment and the required ongoing medical treatment. The parties to the case participated in an all-day Mediation, conducted by the Honorable Michael Snyder (ret.). In addition to receiving a lump sum settlement of $875,000, the Workers’ Compensation insurance company agreed to fund and administer a Medicare Set Aside account for the injured worker.

Eric B. Pearson focuses exclusively on Workers’ Compensation matters through compassionate and competent legal representation. For over two decades, Eric and his partner, Jon Koutcher, have assisted injured workers in the Greater Philadelphia region, successfully obtain their benefits.

$195,000 for Pennsylvania Union Member

$ 195, 000 for a Teamster union member who sustained head and knee injuries when he got caught in a seat belt while exiting a vehicle. Although the carrier initially accepted the claim, following a defense medical exam, a petition was filed by the carrier attempting to terminate all wage loss and medical benefits. The matter proceeded with the client having to testify and Eric Pearson cross examining the carrier’s medical expert during his testimony. The resolution was the result of a Voluntary Mediation.

$325,000 Lump Sum Settlement for Electrical Foreman

$325,000 lump sum settlement for a 45-year-old electrical foreman who slipped and fell during a winter storm state of emergency. In addition to sustaining closed head trauma, he also sustained disc damage in his neck that required cervical surgery. The client’s claim was initially denied, but, shortly after Pearson Koutcher getting involved, the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier accepted the claim and started paying wage loss and medical benefits. The resolution came as a result of a voluntary mediation.

$122,000 Settlement for Florida Resident Working in Pittsburgh

A Florida resident sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident while working as a driller in Pittsburgh, PA. The injured worker, represented by Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyer Eric B. Pearson, a partner at Pearson Koutcher Law, suffered lower back injuries resulting in total disability. Mr. Pearson successfully represented the injured worker’s entitlement to a lump sum settlement of $122,500 plus payment of all medical treatment related to the work injury after his entire claim was denied.

$138,500 Lump Sum Settlement for a Union Plasterer

Eric Pearson, partner at Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation law firm Pearson Koutcher Law, fought for an injured worker whose claim was contested despite being hit by a car as a pedestrian while working. Mr. Pearson fully litigated the claim taking testimony from two medical experts and submitting a brief. The case then settled for three years of wage loss benefits and payment of all medical which included additional injuries to what Employer initially agreed to recognize.

$145,000 Lump Sum Settlement for Injured Montgomery County Plasterer

This injured worker sustained neck and back injuries after being involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident in Illinois. Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney Eric Pearson, of Pearson Koutcher Law was able to establish jurisdiction in Pennsylvania and the injured worker began receiving wage loss benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act. After attending a mediation session, the case settled for $145,000.

$145,000 Lump Sum Settlement for Injured Parcel Delivery Driver

This injured worker was involved in a work accident in Pennsylvania and sustained injuries to his knee and finger. The injured worker underwent surgeries to both body parts. As the employer was located in New Jersey, the injured worker began litigating the claim in New Jersey, but it was taking more than a year and a half to obtain Workers’ Compensation benefits pursuant to the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act. The injured worker was represented by Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyer, Eric Pearson of Pearson Koutcher Law who recognized that Pennsylvania was a much better venue than New Jersey, and since there was dual jurisdiction, Mr. Pearson filed a Claim Petition in Pennsylvania. Mr. Pearson was able to obtain a lump sum settlement for the injured worker in the amount of $145,000, within 6 months of being retained.

$200,000 Lump Sum Settlement for Injured Female Owner/ Operator of a Company from New Jersey

This injured worker, represented by Philadelphia work injury attorney Eric Pearson, of Pearson Koutcher Law, sustained a severe neck injury after falling from a ladder while at an offsite customer location in Pennsylvania. The injured worker underwent surgery to her cervical spine and was disabled from employment. The Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier denied the claim, alleging the injured worker was not in the course of her employment when injured and that the claim should be in New Jersey since that is where the Employer was from. Mr. Pearson took deposition testimony from witnesses at the accident scene and traveled to the actual accident scene and obtained testimony from the owner of the property where the accident occurred. This evidence was critical and turned out to be favorable for the injured worker. The case settled for $200,000, which represented approximately five (5) years of wage loss benefits.

$199,000 Lump sum settlement for Injured Montgomery County Salesperson

This injured worker lacerated his finger resulting in surgery. Philadelphia Workers’ Comp lawyer Eric Pearson, of Pearson Koutcher Law filed a Petition to Review to include injuries not originally accepted as work related by the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. The case was fully litigated and ready for a decision when the parties attended a mediation session, resulting in a settlement of 4 years of wage loss benefits totaling $199,000.

$69,000 Lump Sum Settlement for Chester County Injured Plumber

A plumber who had a physically demanding job, which included excavation, developed bilateral feet and hand injuries as a result of repetitive work activities. When the employer and its Workers’ Compensation insurance company denied the claim, Philadelphia worker injury lawyer Eric Pearson, of Pearson Koutcher Law filed a Claim Petition and presented evidence on behalf of the injured worker. Mr. Pearson then mediated the case, at which time a resolution was reached whereby the injured worker received a lump sum settlement of $69,000, plus three (3) months of additional medical coverage, and payment of all past due medical bills.

$80,000 Lump Sum Settlement for Injured Philadelphia Dental Assistant

The performance of repetitive work activities caused this injured worker to develop carpal tunnel syndrome and no longer be able to use her hands to perform the physical activities required for her profession. The employer and its Workers’ Compensation insurance company filed a Petition to Terminate the injured worker’s benefits, alleging the injured worker had fully recovered. Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation attorney Eric Pearson, of Pearson Koutcher Law fully litigated and defended the claim, presenting evidence that the injured worker had not fully recovered and had injuries more severe than suggested by the employer. At the conclusion of litigation, Mr. Pearson attended a mediation which resulted in a settlement of the claim.

$80,000 Lump Sum Settlement with Open Medical Treatment for Lancaster County Tractor Trailer Driver

This injured worker sustained an injury to his shoulder. However, the employer alleged that the injured worker had violated a company policy and terminated the injured worker from employment. The Workers’ Compensation insurance company then filed Petitions to Terminate and Suspend the injured workers’ benefits. Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation attorney Eric Pearson, of Pearson Koutcher Law defended the injured worker and fully litigated the petitions, challenging the reasoning behind the injured worker’s termination from employment and presenting medical evidence in opposition to the insurance company doctor who felt the injured worker had fully recovered. Mr. Pearson was able to negotiate a settlement which included open and ongoing medical treatment.

$130,000 Lump sum for Injured Chester County Union Electrician

This injured worker sustained a neck injury while installing light fixtures. The workers compensation insurance company filed a Petition to Terminate Compensation Benefits alleging the injured worker fully recovered from his work injuries. Philadelphia workers comp lawyer Eric Pearson of Pearson Koutcher Law defended the injured worker’s claim and aggressively cross examined the physician retained by the insurance company who felt the injured worker had fully recovered. Once that occurred, a settlement was achieved for $130,000.

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