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$225,000 Lump Sum Work Injury Settlement for Berks County Injured Nurse

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

Pearson Koutcher Law founding partner, Jonathan Koutcher, represented the interests of a nurse from Berks County who initially injured his left shoulder. The injured worker began receiving Workers’ Compensation wage loss benefits and then noticed symptoms in other parts of his body following the accident. Mr. Koutcher filed a Petition to Review Compensation Benefits, alleging the injured worker also injured his neck, lower back and right shoulder. While that petition was pending, the employer offered the injured worker a modified duty job which Mr. Koutcher defended. After attending a mediation, the parties were able to settle the case for the lump sum amount of $225,000. In addition, Mr. Koutcher was also able to negotiate the insurance company to pay for all outstanding medical expenses incurred by the injured worker, including the additional, alleged injuries.