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$375,000 Workmens’ Comp Settlement for Texas Resident Injured Working in PA

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

A Texas resident working in Pennsylvania in a gas well suffered severe and debilitating burns on a significant part of his body resulting in serious, permanent and unsightly scarring on his head, face and neck and also limiting the use of his upper extremities. The injured worker was paid workers’ compensation wage-loss benefits pursuant to the laws of the state of Texas. When benefits in Texas stopped, Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney Jonathan Koutcher, of Pearson Koutcher Law, filed a claim petition in Pennsylvania. Mr. Koutcher litigated the case arguing the injured worker was disabled and in addition required ongoing medical care. Mr. Koutcher also pursued a claim for disfigurement benefits for the injured worker. Despite the insurance company alleging the injured worker could return to work based upon opinions of two physicians who performed independent medical evaluations, Mr. Koutcher was able to secure a significant settlement in the amount of $375,000. Part of the settlement to the injured worker was in the form of a structured annuity and as a result, the total settlement value exceeded $375,000.