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$380,000 Settlement for Florida Widow of Husband Killed in PA Work Accident

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

Pearson Koutcher Law partner Jonathan Koutcher settled the workers’ compensation case of a Florida widow whose husband was killed in a work accident in Pennsylvania. In an interesting set of facts, Mr. Koutcher represented the widow of a tractor trailer driver who was killed when his tractor trailer hit an icy surface on a highway in Pennsylvania. At the time of the accident, the widow was separated from her husband. The law in Pennsylvania allows a widow (or widower) to receive workers’ compensation death claim benefits if separated at the time of the accident if the widow was actually dependent upon the decedent and received a substantial amount of support from the decedent. Mr. Koutcher presented the testimony of the widow and presented forensic bank statement analysis showing transactions between the decedent and widower from the time of their separation until the work accident causing his death. The settlement was the equivalent of ten (10) years of fatal claim benefits in a lump sum for the widow.