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$95,000 Worker Comp Settlement for Injured Auto Parts Delivery Person from the Lehigh Valley

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

A 74-year-old laborer from the Lehigh Valley injured his lower back lifting car and truck batteries. Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation attorney Jonathan Koutcher, a certified Workers’ Compensation specialist at Pearson Koutcher Law, represented the injured worker. The insurance company alleged that the injured worker fully recovered from his lower back injury. Mr. Koutcher presented testimony from the injured worker’s treating pain management specialist who was providing the injured worker with lumbar spine injections in opposition to the petition. The injured worker had a relatively low average weekly wage as he only worked part time when the accident occurred. Nevertheless, Mr. Koutcher was able to negotiate a settlement for the injured worker which provides security and eliminated any risk benefits would be cut off. The settlement included the funding of a Medicare Set Aside as the injured worker was receiving social security when the accident originally occurred.