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$96,000 Lump Sum Settlement to settle Claim Petition for Nurse with Back and Neck Injuries

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

A female nurse from Northeast Philadelphia injured her neck and lower back while attempting to move a patient to another area in the patient’s house. The Workers’ Compensation insurance company denied the injured worker’s claim. The injured worker was represented by Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyer Jonathan Koutcher of Pearson Koutcher Law. Mr. Koutcher is a certified Workers’ Compensation specialist. Mr. Koutcher presented testimony from the injured worker’s treating orthopedic surgeon and cross examined the employer witnesses who took the position that modified work was available for the injured worker to perform. The injured worker decided to settle her case rather than risk a potential adverse decision from the Judge while her Claim Petition was pending. All of the injured worker’s medical bills for treatment, including therapy, diagnostic studies and injections, were paid by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company as part of the settlement.