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Philadelphia Union Mechanic with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome obtains $95,000 Lump Sum Settlement

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

A Union general mechanic badly injured his hands while performing duties for his employer. The injured worker did not have a specific accident; instead, the injured worker developed bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of the repetitive job duties he performed for the employer over a 10 year period. Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation attorney Jonathan Koutcher of Pearson Koutcher Law previously litigated a Claim Petition on behalf of the injured worker that was granted by the Workers’ Compensation judge. The injured worker was receiving ongoing wage loss benefits and underwent an additional wrist surgery before settling his case. Importantly, the injured worker was nearing retirement age and there may have been a credit against his receipt of wage loss benefits in the near future if social security and pension benefits were received. Thus, Mr. Koutcher was able to maximize the injured worker’s settlement.