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Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Attorney Jonathan B. Koutcher wins Claim Petition for Injured Philadelphia Security Guard

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

Jonathan B. Koutcher, of Pearson Koutcher Law represented a security guard who slipped and fell while on patrol in a shopping center. The injured worker sustained lower back injuries that did not immediate present as problematic. Approximately five days later, while the injured worker was at home and getting out of bed, the injured worker collapsed and could not walk due to severe lower back and leg pain. The injured worker was treated at a hospital as an inpatient and was then discharged to a rehabilitation facility for several months. The Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier denied the claim, alleging the injury was not work-related. Mr. Koutcher presented testimony from the injured worker and his treating orthopedist which the Judge found credible. Despite the injured worker having prior lower back symptoms, Mr. Koutcher was able to differentiate the severity, location and frequency of the prior lower back symptoms with symptoms that followed the work accident. The injured worker was awarded approximately 18 months of past-due wage loss benefits, ongoing future wage loss benefits and payment of medical expenses.