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Foot, Leg or Joint Injury

Foot, Leg or Joint Injury

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

A foot or knee injury affects your safety and performance, and continuing to work after an injury could cause permanent damage. Types of work-related leg and joint injuries include torn ACL or MCL ligaments; chondromalacia (“runner’s knee”); medial meniscus tear (torn cartilage); plantar fasciitis (heel spurs); fractured patella (kneecap); sprained or broken ankles; broken leg, foot or toes; stress fractures; and crush injuries. These injuries can be caused by a workplace accident or by “repetitive stress” to a body part caused by work requirements. Our Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced with foot, leg and joint workplace injury cases and will provide the legal representation necessary to recover the work related accident benefits due to you for medical costs and lost wages.

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