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Mental Illness

Mental Illness

PA Workers’ Comp

The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws provide for mental illness claims; however, these claims are not always easy to prove. It is imperative that you have an experienced attorney at your side that is knowledgeable about the numerous psychological conditions that can result from or be aggravated by workplace conditions. For example, high levels of stress at the workplace or pressure from a supervisor may result in anxiety or depression. Similarly, a traumatic incident on the job may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. While your ailment may be real and debilitating, mental illness claims are simply not as successful as physical injury claims because, with all the stresses of everyday life, the connection between mental illness and employment is difficult to demonstrate. On the other hand, mental stress workers’ compensation claims resulting from work-related accidents or injuries are typically more successful, such as depression resulting from disfigurement or painful back injury. Being injured, out of work and without an income, may cause you to no longer feel productive, resulting in depressed or anxious feelings. The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers of PearsonKoutcher, LLP, can assist you in finding the mental health professionals who can document the psychological and emotional effects of your work-related injuries and help you deal with them. Moreover, we are prepared for the challenges of proving your workers’ compensation mental illness claim.

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