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In a prior blog, I shared some thoughts on why an insurance company will deny a claim. Every case is different, and insurance adjusters have different motives for denying the case. For the injured worker the harsh reality now sets in. Often this is the typical scenario: you are hurt, your employer has turned their back on you, the claim is being denied and you have no income or wages to pay your bills. Let’s go through some of your options.

First, and without delay, call the Philadelphia workers compensation lawyers at PearsonKoutcher, LLP. Waiting does not help you whatsoever. There are strict time deadlines for providing notice of the accident and your injury to your employer, and there are strict time deadlines for the filing of your claim. The Philadelphia work injury attorneys at Pearson Koutcher, LLP will listen to you, give you advice that applies to your case and will be with you every step of the way. If a claim needs to be filed so you can begin to receive wage loss benefits, the Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys will institute litigation and walk you through the claim process without delay.

Secondly, an injured worker should see if the employer has light duty available. Some larger employers have the ability to create a position for an injured worker to perform, such as greeting customers, shredding paper or monitoring security cameras. Smaller employers typically do not have this flexibility. If the employer does not have a job within your physical limitations, perhaps there is a different employer who has available employment. This option is often not realistic. The economy is not over flowing with jobs, particularly when you are hurt and may only have training and experience in limited occupations.

Third, apply for other benefits at the same time your claim for workers’ compensation benefits is pending.  Such benefits include unemployment compensation, short or long term disability, public assistance or social security disability.  The Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys at PearsonKoutcher, LLP will explain to you the impact receiving these other types of benefits may have on your pending workers’ compensation claim.

Lastly, apply for a loan through a funding company.  These are companies who will loan, or front you money, while your case is pending and being litigated.  Often these loans are “nonrecourse” meaning you do not have personal liability to repay the loan if you do not win your case or obtain a successful result.  However, interest on the amount of the loan will accrue, and there may be other fees associated with the loan.

Whatever your circumstance may be, the Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers at Pearson Koutcher, LLP will help you through this difficult time and develop a plan for you that takes into consideration your overall financial well – being.

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The Philadelphia Workers Compensation attorneys at Pearson Koutcher, LLP, are dedicated to the singular goal of securing maximum compensation and full benefits entitled to injured employees under the laws of Pennsylvania. Their years of experience as seasoned, skillful trial lawyers and negotiators, along with their compassion and diligent understanding of the significant impact a workplace accident can have on an injured worker’s life, motivate the attorneys of Pearson Koutcher, LLP, to approach each new client individually, with meticulous consideration to their specific individual considerations and circumstances. Call our office today at 215-627-0700 or email us to discuss the particular facts of your Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation matter.

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