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Oh no! Not another insurance company exam.

The workers’ compensation insurance company will ask that you be examined during an independent medical examination (IME) any time you have a work injury.  The independent medical examination is really a defense medical examination.  The doctor can ask you questions, have you complete an information sheet or questionnaire, and of course perform a physical examination.  The exam is not for treatment purposes and no doctor – patient relationship is established.

So why do you have to go? Because the insurance company hand picks the doctor to try to obtain a favorable opinion that benefits the insurance company.  Then, the insurance company can begin the process of trying to modify or even stop your benefits.  Sure, there are some doctors who evaluate an injured worker objectively and fairly during a defense medical examination.  A large majority of doctors, who perform medical examinations, however are not fair or objective.  Typically the same physicians are chosen by the insurance company to perform these exams.  The exams are brief, can be adversarial and may leave the injured worker in greater pain or more symptomatic than when they arrive.

Through aggressive and skilled cross examination of doctors who perform defense medical examinations, the lawyers at PearsonKoutcher, LLP bring to light the bias and financial incentive of those physicians, casting doubt on the credibility of their opinions.  If you are being sent to a defense medical examination by your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance company, contact the aggressive work accident lawyers at PearsonKoutcher, LLP.  Let our decades of experience protect your rights.

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