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Binaural Hearing Loss and Workers’ Compensation

What is Binaural Hearing Loss?

In general, hearing loss can be calculated by testing the hearing loss in one ear, or the monaural loss of hearing, or by testing the hearing loss in each ear together, otherwise referred to as a binaural loss of hearing.

Can I receive workers’ compensation benefits for hearing loss?

In Pennsylvania, workers who suffer hearing loss on the job are entitled to monetary and medical benefits regardless of whether their hearing loss is monaural of binaural. These Workers’ Comp benefits are available even if you are still working. This is because the PA Workers’ Compensation Act provides for such benefits as long as the binaural hearing impairment is over 10%. This means even if you have no hearing loss in one ear, you are still entitled to benefits if you have a loss of hearing in your opposite ear that meets the requirements of the Act. If you find yourself tilting your head to listen or if you are asking others to speak into one ear in particular, you may be suffering from a monaural loss of hearing. Importantly, the only way to determine the extent of your hearing loss is to undergo testing.

Written by Will Ward, Esquire

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