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Client communication is first and foremost at PearsonKoutcher, LLP.  The Philadelphia work injury attorneys at PearsonKoutcher, LLP believe firmly that client communication is the key to a successful attorney-client relationship.  We believe in this principle so much that we take the unorthodox step in providing clients with our cell phone numbers.  Clients can easily and without delay speak to an experienced work injury attorney at PearsonKoutcher, LLP.  No client gets the run around.  No client has to chase their lawyer.  Clients have complete cell phone access to their attorney at all times.  Morning. Noon. Night. (even weekends!).

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The Philadelphia Workers Compensation attorneys at Pearson Koutcher, LLP, are dedicated to the singular goal of securing maximum compensation and full benefits entitled to injured employees under the laws of Pennsylvania.  Their years of experience as seasoned, skillful trial lawyers and negotiators, along with their compassion and diligent understanding of the significant impact a workplace accident can have on an injured worker’s life, motivate the attorneys of Pearson Koutcher, LLP, to approach each new client individually, with meticulous consideration to their specific individual considerations and circumstances.  Call our office today at 215-627-0700 or email us to discuss the particular facts of your Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation matter.

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