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Why Is My PA Workers’ Compensation Claim Being Denied?

Workers’ compensation cases are denied for many reasons. However, the hardest answer to explain to a client who was involved in a work accident is why their claim is being denied. Often the facts of the case warrant the acceptance of the claim by the employer or its workers’ compensation carrier. Too often, however, this […]

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If I Get A Return To Work Notice, Do I Need To Return To Work?

No, you are not required to return to work if you receive a Notice Of Ability To Return To Work. In Pennsylvania, the workers’ compensation insurance company is required by law, when it receives medical evidence that an injured worker can return to work in any capacity, to provide prompt written notice to an injured […]

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Eric Pearson and Jon Koutcher named 2021 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers

PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 26, 2021 – Eric Pearson and Jon Koutcher, workers comp lawyers PA, have been selected for the eleventh year in a row to the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list as among the top workers’ compensation attorneys in Pennsylvania for 2021. Each year, no more than five percent of the lawyers in the state […]

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The Rewards of Working in Workers’ Compensation PA

I have been working in the legal field for 30 years. I worked my first 10 years in family law and have spent my last 20 years in workers compensation PA law. I would not want to work in any other field because it is just so rewarding. Working in Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp is Rewarding […]

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Working in PA Workers’ Comp

When it comes to the legal field, why choose to work in workers’ compensation? I have spent the better part of my adult life assisting attorneys as they settle their workers’ compensation cases for maximum wage and medical benefits for injured workers in Pennsylvania. From the first signature to the last, my involvement as a […]

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