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Unions And PA Workers’ Compensation

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  • 09/09/2022

In most respects, workers’ compensation is the same for union and non-union workers. Regardless of whether you are part of a union or not, your employer is still required to carry workers’ compensation insurance and pay you workers’ comp benefits if you get hurt on the job. Sometimes union organizations can help workers find the resources they need to file a claim, but too often insurance companies try to deny union workers the rights they deserve. If you are a union worker injured at work, contact Pearson Koutcher Law to speak to a PA workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible to get your benefits.

PA Workers’ Comp Benefits for Union Workers

Union workers are eligible for a variety of benefits under PA workers’ compensation including:

  • Medical Benefits: These benefits cover the costs of necessary and related medical treatments. That can include physical therapy, medications, chiropractic therapy, imaging, medical appointments, surgery and other medical costs.
  • Wage-loss Benefits: If you are out of work and not being paid because of your work injury, these benefits cover the wages you aren’t getting. They can also apply if you are working light duty and making less.
  • Specific Loss Benefits: These are paid out for loss of or loss of use of a limb or organ as well as disfigurement of the head or neck. This can include benefits for deafness, blindness, or amputations.
  • Death Benefits: According to Pennsylvania workers compensation lawyers, if a union worker is killed in a work accident, his spouse and dependents are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are a union worker who has been injured at work, contact Pearson Koutcher Law and speak to a PA workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Even with the support of a union, insurance companies may still try to take advantage of you to avoid paying benefits.

How to Get PA Workers’ Comp Benefits As a Union Worker

  1. Report your injury to your employer or supervisor. You must report your injury within 21 days of it occurring. If your injury is due to repetitive use, report it within 21 days of when you become aware of the injury. The sooner you report your injury the better.
  2. Seek medical treatment. Not only does seeking medical treatment help you recover from your injury, it can be a vital piece of evidence in your case.
  3. Know your rights. Your union may be able to help you understand the rights you deserve, but the best way to make sure you get your benefits is to contact Pearson Koutcher Law to speak to a PA workers’ compensation lawyer at Pearson Koutcher Law. They work with Pennsylvania unions and have experience making claims on behalf of union workers.

PA Workers’ Compensation Lawyers For Union Workers

Pearson Koutcher Law has experience representing union workers in their workers’ compensation cases. If you have been injured at work, call the PA workers’ compensation lawyers for union workers at Pearson Koutcher Law.