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What To Expect At Your Deposition

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  • 10/23/2022

A standard part of a workmans comp PA us for the claimant, or injured worker, to provide a deposition. A deposition is essentially an interview under oath of someone relevant to the case. Most cases include depositions of the injured worker, the injured worker’s treating doctor, and a doctor of the insurance company’s choosing. Sometimes, witnesses for the injured worker’s employer will also give depositions.
At your deposition, your workmans comp PA lawyer and the lawyer for the workers’ comp insurance company will ask you questions relevant to your claim. When your workmans comp PA lawyer is building a case for you, they need to present evidence to the workers’ compensation judge. This will include presenting your deposition testimony as well as the deposition testimony of one or more of your treating doctors into evidence.

What Happens At A Deposition?

Since the pandemic started, most depositions have been held by phone or video conference, but they can take place in person. If held in person, your deposition will likely be in your workmans comp PA lawyer’s office. A court reporter will be there to record everything that is stated. You will be sworn in to tell the truth and then asked a series of questions by both your lawyer and the insurance company’s lawyer. Questions typically relate to:

  • Personal information
  • How the incident occurred
  • A description of your injuries and medical treatment
  • Physical or mental limitations that you suffer from as a result of the incident in which you injured yourself

Tips for a Deposition

Testifying under oath can be stressful, but there is no reason to worry. Here are some tips to ensure your deposition runs smoothly.

  • Answer all questions verbally; the court reporter cannot record a nod or shake of the head. Don’t worry if you forget, the reporter or your lawyer will remind you
  • Stick to simple answers such as yes or no. If your lawyer or the insurance company’s lawyer wants more details, they will ask
  • If you don’t know the answer, simply state that you don’t know. It is okay not to remember every detail or know the answer to every question
  • Wait for the attorney to finish asking the question before you begin to answer
  • Stay calm throughout the process

More concerns about your deposition?

The workmans comp PA lawyers at Pearson Koutcher Law have decades of experience handling workers’ comp. claims and have taken thousands of depositions. They can answer any of your questions about what to expect in a deposition and throughout the workmans comp PA comp PA process. Before your deposition, one of our lawyers will make sure that you are prepared so there is no reason to stress about it. If you need a workers’ compensation lawyer near you, please contact Pearson Koutcher Law today.