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Work Comp Disfigurement Benefits

  • Jon Koutcher
  • 06/25/2013

The Workers’ Compensation act allows for disfigurement benefits for scaring or other markings on the head, neck or face caused by a work accident or a surgical procedure related to a work injury. For instance, if you get cut on the face while working, you may be entitled to disfigurement benefits. Also, if you have surgery which leaves a scar, such as neck surgery, you have a claim for disfigurement benefits.


At Pearson Koutcher Law we have successfully obtained work comp disfigurement benefits for fire fighters burnt while at a fire scene, police officers cut and scraped while apprehending suspects and injured workers who have undergone cervical spine surgeries that leave a scar. We recently obtained a significant award for disfigurement benefits for a construction worker struck by piping on the bridge of his nose. You do not have to go out of work or be out of work to make a claim for disfigurement benefits.
If you have a scar, or other markings on your head, neck or face, caused by a work accident or a surgical procedure related to a work injury, call the Philadelphia Work Accident attorneys, Pearson Koutcher Law.


Contact the 2011-2012 Super Lawyers Philadelphia certified workers’ compensation specialists at Pearson Koutcher Law if you or someone you know is hurt on the job. The Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers of Pearson Koutcher Law have over three decades of combined experience representing injured workers in workers compensation matters and can promptly and effectively develop a strategy to help you through a difficult time.


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