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What are the Time Limits for a Workers’ Compensation claim

Notice of Work Injury

An employer is not obligated to provide Workers’ Compensation benefits to an injured employer until it has notice of the work related injury. You must give notice of your work-related injury no later than 120 days after the work related accident. When an employee claims lost wages as a result of those injuries from work, the employer has 21 days from the date of notice of the work related accident and job injury to accept or deny the injured workers’ claim. The employer may choose within the 21-day period to begin temporary payments of workers’ compensation benefits, but reserve the right to deny the work injury claim within an additional 90 days.

Claim Petition

If your employer or your employer’s insurance company denies your request for Workers’ Compensation benefits, you must file a Claim Petition within three years from the date of the work injury. In the case of an occupational disease, your disability must occur within 300 weeks from the date of your last employment in an occupation in which you had exposure to a hazard and a Claim Petition must be filed no later than three years from the date of disability. Failure to file a timely Claim Petition may result in forfeiture of your right to benefits.

Petition to Reinstate Benefits 

If your benefits were  terminated, you may file a Petition to Reinstate wage-loss benefits within three years after the date of your most recent wage-loss payment. If your work related injury benefits were suspended or modified, you may file a petition to have job injury benefits reinstated within 500 weeks from the date of suspension or modification.

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