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The Pearson Koutcher Law Workers’ Compensation Blog is your online resource for when you are injured on the job in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Featuring the latest workers’ compensation news, Pearson Koutcher Law’s articles and updated information will help you get answers to your question as well as to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.

Recently, I negotiated a settlement of a workers’ compensation claim that was attached to a third party settlement. In Pennsylvania, the workers’ compensation insurance company has an absolute right of subrogation, or right to be paid back, whenever an injured worker recovers an award/settlement from a third party case. For example, if you work as a truck driver and are in an accident caused by a third party, you could file a separate claim for money damages (pain and suffering, bodily injury, loss of enjoyment of life’s pleasures, etc) against that third party. From your recovery, the workers’ compensation insurance
The Workers Comp Hearing Loss Attorneys at Pearson Koutcher Law have handled hundreds of hearing loss claims resulting from employees exposed to hazardous occupational noise in a wide variety of industries. If you have suffered a hearing loss you feel has been caused by exposure to loud noise while at work, it is important to contact an attorney experienced in handling hearing loss claims. There are strict time requirements for providing notice to your employer and for filing a claim. Employers will often try to minimize the impact of the noise or the employee’s exposure to loud noise during the
Philadelphia work Injury lawyers, Pearson Koutcher Law, with over a combined 3 decades representing injured workers in work accidents, have supported The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (“JDRF”) for years, most recently attending the annual charity ball to raise money for juvenile diabetes. To Eric Pearson, partner at Pearson Koutcher Law “Supporting JDRF is an honor.  My best friend’s child has juvenile diabetes.  Giving back by donating money and raising awareness is the least we can do.  One day there will be a cure.  That’s the goal.” Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing
Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Pearson Koutcher Law spoke at a United Steelworkers’ local union in Pennsylvania at an executive board meeting, updating members of the union about recent events in workers’ compensation that could affect their rights to workers’ compensation benefits.  Some topics that were discussed included hearing loss, vision loss, notice of injury and receipt of non-workers’ compensation benefits such as social security disability or short / long term disability benefits. The Philadelphia work accident attorneys of Pearson Koutcher Law have represented union members for more than three decades.  Pearson Koutcher Law prides itself on representing union members
The Philadelphia work accident law firm Pearson Koutcher Law prides itself on representing individuals who have been injured in some kind of work accident and need Workers’ Compensation benefits.  Nevertheless, we are often asked questions about Social Security disability from our clients and must explain the impact receiving Social Security disability benefits has on their pending workers compensation claim. It is important to know that there is no prohibition in the law to receive workers compensation benefits and Social Security disability benefits at the same time. There is never an offset against Workers’ Compensation benefits when the injured worker is
Insurance companies will often perform surveillance on workers claiming injury and disability.  The level of surveillance activity depends upon a number of factors, including the aggressiveness of the employer, the body part injured, the type of injury and the activity level of the injured worker.  For instance, if you have a foot injury, an insurance company may try to obtain surveillance to show how you go up and down steps, get in or out of a car or to see if you walk with a limp.  If you have a back injury, a surveillance investigator may try to obtain video
The Philadelphia work injury law firm Pearson Koutcher Law has moved to 1650 Arch Street, Suite 1903, Philadelphia, Pa 19103.  “The new office space provides us flexibility for growth which we foresee in the near future,” says Pearson Koutcher Law partner Eric Pearson.  Locating the right space took about seven months.  “It felt as though we saw every building in the city.  Finally, the perfect space came along that satisfied our current and future needs,” according to Eric. We are in. We are settled. We continue to provide our clients with the high quality legal representation they have come to
Volunteer firefighters, and other emergency workers such as volunteer ambulance workers, are needed in most towns across Pennsylvania. The duties performed by volunteer firefighters are often the same as the full time, salaried firefighters, and as such, volunteer firefighters are exposed to the same risks and dangers when fighting a fire and otherwise assisting the public.  The Pennsylvania legislature recognized this and rewards volunteer firefighters for their important and valuable service.  Section 601 of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act (“Act”) awards volunteer firefighters Workers’ Compensation benefits for injuries that occur in the line of duty. The Act favors volunteer firefighters
Any time a Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier can argue an injured worker was not an employee for an employer when the accident occurred you can bet this will be a first line of defense. This is because the Workers’ Compensation Act in Pennsylvania only applies to individuals employed by an employer and does not pertain to independent contractors. So what is an independent contractor? Am I an independent contractor? You may be asking these exact questions. So here are the answers. Courts in Pennsylvania will consider many different factors to determine whether an injured worker is an employee or an
Client communication is first and foremost at Pearson Koutcher Law.  The Philadelphia work injury attorneys at Pearson Koutcher Law believe firmly that client communication is the key to a successful attorney-client relationship.  We believe in this principle so much that we take the unorthodox step in providing clients with our cell phone numbers.  Clients can easily and without delay speak to an experienced work injury attorney at Pearson Koutcher Law.  No client gets the run around.  No client has to chase their lawyer.  Clients have complete cell phone access to their attorney at all times.  Morning. Noon. Night. (even weekends!).
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