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The Pearson Koutcher Law Workers’ Compensation Blog is your online resource for when you are injured on the job in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Featuring the latest workers’ compensation news, Pearson Koutcher Law’s articles and updated information will help you get answers to your question as well as to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.

When you sustain a workplace injury, where to file your Workers’ Compensation claim may be the first issue you encounter.  You may live in one state but work in another.  Your employer may be based in the state in which you live but you may travel between several worksites in different states.  Your position may involve travel to out-of-state locations visiting vendors or clients. This is an issue faced regularly by professional athletes who travel to a new location every couple of days and sustain injuries “on-the-job” quite often. The issue of where a player may file Workers’ Compensation claims has long been contentious topic between the NFL management and the professional football
Workers’ Compensation is administered in each state individually.  The state legislatures have the authority to develop laws that govern how long benefits are paid and under which circumstances benefits can be terminated.  A growing number of states, in response to the economic downfall, are amending their Workers’ Compensation laws to limit the benefits received by injured workers.  More than ever, injured workers need diligent, knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation attorneys, like those lawyers of Pearson Koutcher Law to fight to protect their rights and get them the full benefits they deserve. North Carolina is one of those states that has attempted to
An online system for reporting work-related injuries and illnesses covered under RIDDOR (the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995) will be the predominant reporting method beginning Sept. 12, 2011.  Employers reporting work-related injuries must use one of seven forms available on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.  HSE’s Infoline telephone service will cease operation on Sept. 30, 2011.  However, fatal and major incidents and injuries in the workplace can still be filed by phone. The Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Pearson Koutcher Law want to remind workers that it is crucial to report your work-related injury to
What constitutes “on the job” is an issue that must be addressed in a Workers’ Compensation claim. In most cases, it is a minor issue because the workplace can be easily defined by the walls of a building or the punching of a time clock. In a  recent North Carolina case, it was not so simple. Workers Comp Definition of Workplace is an important part of all Work Comp Claims James Hunt, a North Carolina public school principal who was shot in his car while traveling to work and simultaneously conducting school business by phone was awarded Workers’ Compensation benefits in a decision
There is a current trend by state legislatures to amend Workers Compensation laws to limit or even eliminate certain benefits. The goal is to alleviate the financial burden the Workers’ Compensation program puts on already financially-strapped states. Changes in the laws of some states, such as North Carolina, function to shorten the duration of benefits.   Other changes to Workers Compensation laws, such as those recently in New York, may eliminate the type of treatments an injured worker may receive or may shorten the duration of an approved treatment. A recent change enacted by New York’s Workers Compensation Board limits coverage for therapeutic approaches that aim for “functional improvement.”  The policy
The Workers’ Compensation act allows for disfigurement benefits for scaring or other markings on the head, neck or face caused by a work accident or a surgical procedure related to a work injury. For instance, if you get cut on the face while working, you may be entitled to disfigurement benefits. Also, if you have surgery which leaves a scar, such as neck surgery, you have a claim for disfigurement benefits. At Pearson Koutcher Law we have successfully obtained work comp disfigurement benefits for fire fighters burnt while at a fire scene, police officers cut and scraped while apprehending suspects
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