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The hardest answer to explain to a client who was involved in a work accident is why their claim is being denied.  Often the facts of the case warrant the acceptance of the claim by the employer or its workers’ compensation carrier.  Too often, however, this is not the case.  Cases are denied for many reasons.  Here are some typical reasons for a claim being denied: if the accident was not witnessed by another coworker; if the accident happened off the employer’s premises; if the accident occurred after work hours; if the injury sustained by the injured worker is not consistent with the mechanism of injury; if notice was not provided to a supervisor for the employer timely; if the injured worker has a prior history of traumatic events; or if the injured worker previously injured the same body part.

Sometimes there is no rationale for why the claim is being denied.  Sometimes the insurance company denies the claim just to deny the claim.  An insurance company may try to strong arm the injured worker by denying the claim to force the injured worker back to work. In essence, the insurance company will try to “starve out” the injured worker.   Insurance companies have physicians that can evaluate the injured worker during the claim process and without fail the injured worker receives an opinion of full recovery from these physicians.  Whether this serves as a justifiable defense to the claim of the injured worker is questionable at best.

It is important to remember that insurance companies will deny a claim whenever there is a basis to do so. The Courts are full of claims that have been denied.  You are not alone. The workers’ compensation lawyers at PearsonKoutcher, LLP litigate workers’ compensation claims that have been denied. It’s what we do! It’s one of the reasons we started our Firm. We aggressively and without delay litigate the claims of our clients.  We understand far too well that your financial and emotional well being depends upon a successfully litigated claim.  We understand the stress and impact the denied claim places on your family and overall well being.

The work injury attorneys at Pearson Koutcher, LLP will be with you every step of the way to ensure your claim is handled expeditiously and properly.  Pearson Koutcher, LLP has over three decades of combined experience fighting for the rights of injured workers.  Let our decades of experience handling claims for injured workers whose claims have been denied work for you.

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 The Philadelphia Workers Compensation attorneys at Pearson Koutcher, LLP, are dedicated to the singular goal of securing maximum compensation and full benefits entitled to injured employees under the laws of Pennsylvania. Their years of experience as seasoned, skillful trial lawyers and negotiators, along with their compassion and diligent understanding of the significant impact a workplace accident can have on an injured worker’s life, motivate the attorneys of Pearson Koutcher, LLP, to approach each new client individually, with meticulous consideration to their specific individual considerations and circumstances. Call our office today at 215-627-0700 or email us to discuss the particular facts of your Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation matter.

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