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3 Most Common Workplace Injuries For Delivery Drivers

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  • 01/24/2024
@pearsonkoutcherlaw The road isn't always smooth for delivery drivers. Here are the top 3 injuries they face on the job. #injuredatwork #injurylawyer #tiktoklawyer #deliverydriver ♬ original sound – Pearson Koutcher Law

Eric Pearson (EP): The top three workplace injuries hitting delivery drivers hard.
Have you ever been injured making a delivery? Let us know about it in the comments.
Number three
Jonathan Koutcher (JK): It was a close call, but slip and fall accidents edged out dog bites
EP: Number two
JK: Motor Vehicle accidents
EP: Koutcher, let em know number 1.
JK: Listing of packages while making the delivery.
EP: If you were hurt at work, would you even know what to do. Check out the rest of our videos in our profile.

What Is Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ comp, also known as workers’ compensation, is a program requiring employers to purchase insurance coverage to provide workers’ compensation benefits such as medical care to employees who become ill or injured on the job. Workers are provided such benefits and, in exchange, employers are protected from personal injury lawsuits by injured employees. While the federal government administers a workers’ compensation program for federal and certain other types of employees, each state has its own laws and programs for workers’ compensation, such as the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.

What To Do After A Work Injury in Pennsylvania?

Immediately report your injury or work-related illness to your employer or supervisor. Tell them you were hurt on the job as well as the date and location of the injury.
Seek medical attention. You may need to see your employer’s doctor, which depends on if your employer maintains a panel physician list. Ask if your employer has such a list and, if they do, ask that it is provided to you immediately. If they do not have a list, you are free to treat with whichever doctor you choose.
Know your rights. Contact the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers, at Pearson Koutcher Law and speak with a lawyer with expertise in workplace injury law. Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience helping injured workers throughout Pennsylvania and will help you fully understand your rights as an injured employee and assist you in seeking the full Workers’ Compensation benefits you deserve under the law.

Do I need A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

If you are hurt as work as a delivery driver, you should contact an experienced workers’ comp lawyer at Pearson Koutcher Law. We specialize in workers’ comp. law, it’s all we do. Our firm is comprised exclusively of lawyers who have represented injured workers for more than 25 years. We will zealously represent you in your claim and advise you on all facets of your claim. We will fight hard and do our best to ensure that you receive all the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled. Do not hesitate — call us today for a free consultation.