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2022 Best Lawyers

Pearson Koutcher Law is proud to announce that four of its Philadelphia workers’ comp lawyers, firm owners Eric Pearson and Jon Koutcher, and Partners Mindy Levin and Laura Brooke, have received the prestigious recognition of being chosen for inclusion in the 2022 edition of Best Lawyers in America. This is the eighth consecutive year that […]

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How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

What Is Workers’ Compensation? PA workers compensation is a government-mandated program requiring employers to purchase insurance coverage to provide benefits, including lost wages and medical care costs, to employees who become ill or injured on the job. In exchange, employers cannot be sued by their injured workers in personal injury lawsuits. Each state has its […]

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PA Workers’ Compensation Disfigurement Benefits

The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation act allows for work comp disfigurement benefits for scaring or other markings on the head, neck or face caused by a work accident or a surgical procedure related to a work injury. For instance, if you get cut on the face while working, you may be entitled to disfigurement benefits. Also, […]

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