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Warning Signs of Petition for Modification or Termination of Work Comp

If you are contacted by a vocational expert, you can expect that your employer or its insurance carrier will soon be seeking to modify your Workers’ Compensation benefits.  The vocational expert will conduct an earning power evaluation, in conjunction with labor market surveys, to determine if there is a “lighter duty” job that you are capable of performing and if such a position is available to you. If the vocational expert determines that there is a job that you can do, even while your recovery continues, your employer or its insurer will seek to lower or stop workplace accident benefits. You will soon receive a notice of a Petition to Modify or Suspend Compensation Benefits.

Another clear indication your employer or its insurance carrier may be looking to completely cut off your medical and wage-loss benefits is that you are requested to visit a physician chosen by your employer or the insurer for an independent medical exam (IME).. The examination is for the purpose of procuring an opinion that you are fully recovered or at least recovered enough to return to some form of employment.  Armed with the report of the physician, your employer or its insurer will file a Petition to Terminate your work injury benefits if the IME physician feels you fully recovered from your work injuries.


PearsonKoutcher, LLP, Defends Against Work Related Injury Benefit Modification & Termination

When a petition to modify or terminate your job injury benefits is filed, including a Notice Stopping Payment of Temporary Compensation Benefits, it is imperative  that you waste no time contacting an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer  to assist you in defense of the petition.  Preserving your rights to benefits if you are still injured and unable to return to work requires immediate action. The workplace lawyers of PearsonKoutcher, LLP, have assisted countless clients throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas, to defend against unjust attempts by insurance carriers to modify or terminate Workers’ Compensation benefits. If you are concerned that your work injury benefits may be modified or terminated, or if you have already received a notice of a petition to do so, contact our office as soon as possible to protect your rights under the law.

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