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$240,000 Lump Sum Settlement for Delaware County Tree Worker

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

Pearson Koutcher Law partner Jonathan Koutcher settled the case of a Delaware County tree worker who initially injured his shoulder while cutting trees. Mr. Koutcher filed a Petition to Review Compensation Benefits to expand the injured worker’s diagnosis to include a cervical spine injury. Mr. Koutcher was successful in that litigation and the injured worker was then able to undergo cervical spine surgery. Mr. Koutcher then filed another Review Petition to add a psychological diagnosis to the case, as the injured worker became depressed as a result of being out of work and in pain due to his injuries, and in addition to obtain compensation for the injured worker’s scar from surgery on his neck. Mr. Koutcher settled the case after extensive negotiations, and the settlement totals seven (7) years of wage loss benefits.