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Maryland Resident Injured in PA obtains $360,000 Work Injury Settlement

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

A Maryland resident sustained lumbar spine injuries while working as an auto mechanic at a car dealership in Pennsylvania. The injured worker was represented by Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney Jonathan Koutcher, of Pearson Koutcher Law. Mr. Koutcher represented the injured worker for almost 5 years and successfully litigated numerous rounds of litigation including a Petition to Review Compensation Benefits to change the injured worker’s description of injury, and a Petition to Modify Compensation Benefits based upon a labor market survey and earning power assessment. Mr. Koutcher also successfully defended the injured worker’s entitlement to receive ongoing physical therapy by winning Utilization Review Petitions. After several mediation sessions and many months of negotiations, Mr. Koutcher was able to obtain a significant settlement for the injured worker in the amount of $360,000.