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Pearson Koutcher Law Wins $215,000 Lump Sum Workers Comp Settlement for Hand Injury

  • redsharkdigital
  • 01/06/2020

Pearson Koutcher Law partner, Jonathan Koutcher, represented a union pipefitter from Lancaster County with a hand injury. The claim was initially denied by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company. Mr. Koutcher fully litigated a Claim Petition, alleging that the injured worker’s hand injuries were a result of repetitive trauma to the hand due to regular job activities, which was granted by the Workers’ Compensation Judge. The injured worker’s hand injury was thus deemed work related and the injured worker was able to undergo hand surgery and receive Workers’ Compensation wage loss benefits. The injured worker’s wage loss benefit checks were sent late by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company, so Mr. Koutcher filed a Petition for Penalties. The parties then negotiated a settlement for the injured worker in the amount of $215,000.